New Thoughts. Old Conversations.


"I do want to get beyond merely naming specific social problems. I want authentic engagement of them, utilizing all of the relevant analytical and activist resources that can be called upon, with a particular expectation of some help from my own religious tradition of Christianity. I started this project because I felt it was imperative to work on a Christian ethics project that explores a range of dissimilar sources, perspectives, and methods for addressing moral problems in our society and creating strategies that can help bring about social change."

-Traci West in the Preface to her book, Disruptive Christian Ethics

Welcome to a fractured life.

Hi. I’m Ashleigh and I thought you might find it helpful to understand why this site exists. Hopefully you know why you’re here – maybe it’s for the same reason I am: wanting all of us to better understand each other, so that we can better know and be known. This project is the culmination of two years navigating the various worlds of Christianity, gender studies, Feminism, online communities, and all their intersections. 

My goal is not to rant about Christian communities I’ve been involved in and then end on a sour note, but to work for change within them. My intention is to comment on what I’ve witnessed in the American Evangelical church, as a whole and as a culture, and explain the background that cultivated this project. This is not to say that only frustrations motivate this project. The values that guide a fractured life are inclusion and solidarity, thoughtfulness, and joy, and while my frustrations are evident, I hope my love and care for faith communities that have taught me these values is evident as well.  

Each section of the “Gender and… (a guide to intersectionality)”starts with an explanation about why I think this topic is important and worthy of deeper consideration, what frustrates me (and I’m sure, many of you) about current discourse and Evangelical culture, and questions I have for faith communities. I invite you to discuss your own thoughts with your community and friends.

To me, Christian community has meant caring for one another and pursuing a faith that is good, life-giving news for everyone. This project is an attempt to not fall short of that goal.

As you may have already noticed, this project uses both the pronouns "we" and "I". "We" is used because I don't want this conversation to be between Ashleigh and the people using this project; I want it to be between all of us. However, some parts of this project are better understood if I explain what I am hoping will come from sharing a story or question. When this is the case, I will use "I". 

I hope this project is helpful and challenging to you as it, and as the experiences leading up to it, have been for me. Please get in touch with me if you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, stories, or suggestions for how this project can be improved. 

Thanks for being here.