Having Your Own Conversation

Those of us who practice Evangelicalism know the power of individual stories and community gatherings. Small, prayer, discipleship, and community groups are important parts of our practice. However, in her book Speaking of ChristCarter Heyward writes, "it is wrong to close the canons at the end of one's own story or that of one's own people." (20) This section of the site offers ways to consider how we can specifically and holistically consider gender and Christianity within and outside of our own community through Evangelicals, Feminists, and Evangelical Feminists who have already found ways to do so.  


  • The Raven Foundation offers resources to help churches and small groups center peacemaking and reflection in their community work and teaching. 
  • QueerTheology.com offers an interactive, online course in queer theology and connects people and groups to others interested in talking about queerness and theology.
  • Wounds of the Spirit (p 199 – 206) by Traci West offers church organizational, advocacy, and resistance strategies to address domestic and racialized violence. 

More to come!