About this Project & How to Use it

About this Project.

a fractured life is a project to promote a holistic consideration of gender and Christianity and is for people interested in doing the same. Arguably, the discourse within Evangelical Christian churches, surrounding gender, is simplistic and unconnected to issues of violence, poverty, and race. This project is for those interested in going beyond selected Bible verses about submission and conversations that only consider marriage, sexual orientation, and church leadership when gender is addressed. 

Beverly Harrison writes that being a Christian means to confront "as Jesus did, that which thwarts the power of human personal and communal becoming, that which denies human well-being, community, and human solidarity." * The goal of this project is to do just that by reconsidering how gender exists in the world, promoting inclusive discussions, and reframing current conversations. This is a hub of resources to promote these things in churches, community groups, families, and between individuals.

For more on the creation and creator of this project, please read the New Thoughts and Old Conversations page. 

How to Use this Project.

a fractured life's Glossary will help you better navigate some of the language used in this project. Things to Read and People to Know lists people, books, and other projects actively addressing "communal becoming".

The New Thoughts, Old Conversations page details the creator's frustrations with and hopes for Evangelical communities and specifically addresses why this project is important.

The Gender and...section offers conversations, quotes, stories, and questions to consider about gender and poverty, sexuality, violence, and/or race. It uses this method to promote open-ended discussion, thoughtfulness, and the inclusion of assorted voices connected to Christianity.  

The Having Your Own Conversation page offers specific ideas about having a community or group discussion about the topics on this site.

* Beverly Wildung Harrison, Making the Connections: Essays in Feminist Social Ethics ed. Carol S. Robb. Boston: Beacon Press, 1985. p. 18